I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I have always had a clear inclination towards Fashion Textile, Styling and an innate intuition into trends as well as a strong belief in Mysticism and Spirituality. Throughout the years I have developed my own style and brand, Estefania Peralta Ramos.

My style, approach and fashion sense are a result of years of research and study of Textile and Apparel Design at Universidad de Palermo in Buenos Aires. I took several complementary courses that complemented and enriched my Undergraduate Education such as: Makeup, Drawing Figurine, Image and Style Consultant and Fashion Production in Buenos Aires; and Visual Merchandising, Fashion Design and Marketing, together with Art Direction for Fashion at Central Saint Martins, University of The Arts London.

During the last years I have worked in several fashion areas and have been able to travel to cities that have had major influence on international fashion trends like Paris, Milan, Berlin, New York, London and São Paulo.

At the same time, while studying and working in the world of Fashion, my beliefs and faith made me delve into the world of Spirituality where I also grew through courses, workshops and trips to sacred places from the hand of my father Javier Peralta Ramos

Nowadays I can fuse these two disciplines, Fashion and Spirituality, to get a better and even more profound outcome as a Fashion Consultant and all what this involves.

With my background and strong passion for Fashion and Spirituality, I have decided to create my website and blog (2013-2019) where people can discover my Services, Work, Style and the latest Trends in Fashion Industry; a space for people that are moved by Fashion, Trends and Spirituality as much as I am.


  • Magazines/ Editorial

    Editorial, photo shoots production for diverse clients,
    Select items to appear in fashion magazines/media.

    Source fashion items and props for photographic shoots in fashion magazines/media.

    Advise on photographic approaches and selection of locations, props, clothing, models, make-up artists, photographers, hair stylists and the overall look for photo shoots.

    Liaise with fashion designers, retailers, media, models/model agencies, photographers, make-up artists, hairdressers, beauty therapists and personal trainers.

  • E-commerce

    Responsible for preparing outfit rails each day for the shoots.

    Work closely with the team to develop the visual aesthetic, image quality and productivity.

    Style pin board shots that accurately depict clothing.

    Shoot 20/40 products daily.

    Follow house styling guidelines and maintain a working knowledge of brand specific exceptions.

    Attend workshops and team meetings to keep quality of images and site.

    Accomplish daily and weekly deadlines to prepare for upload.

    On-set standards and styling techniques.

    Work as part of a studio team to meet deadlines and guarantee great communication.

    Ensure no more than 5% of images reshot per week.

    Communicate workflow status and concerns to Team Leader.

    Guarantee sample stock is not damaged during styling/shooting process.

    Keep an organized and orderly kit and working area.
    Maintain a proper balance of targets and creative flair.

  • Personal Shopping

    Help the client reconnect with themselves, suggesting clothes and accessories that represent them, reinforcing their self-esteem and skills.

    Guide the client through shops, both online/on-site.

    Suggest the client how to shop according to their body shape and how to style what they buy.

  • Image Consulting

    Help transform the client with outfits that represent themself, reinforcing their skills and self-esteem.

    Give advice on what clothing styles, colours, designs, accessories, and materials work best to flatter the client physique.

    Suggest the client how to style their clothes as different outfits so that they feel totally prepared to take on any challenge.

    Enhance and upgrade the client’s appearance, behaviour, and communication skills to ensure that their image is consistent with their personal or professional goals.

  • Wardrobe Clearing

    Help the client make the most of what is already in their wardrobe.

    Sort through the client clothes together and propose which colours and shapes suit them best, which items should be cut, which others should be kept.

    Suggest new outfit combinations and inspiration for what they might want to buy next.

    Show the client the outfits owned and teach them the know-how to look and feel their best with them.

  • Space Clearing

    Do a comprehensive walk through the desired space that will be cleared, protected and blessed.

    Through the use of techniques, ceremonial herbs, crystals and help from spirit guides allow the energy of the client, objects in the space and the space itself to be examined.

    Working space clearing in apartments, homes, retail spaces, offices, building sites and basements.

    Recommend clients do a space clearing once a year or anytime major life shifts occur.

    Space clearing is suggested in the following situations:

    • Moving from an old or to a new space and want to clear the energy.
    • Having difficulties renting or selling a property.
    • Continuous “bad luck” scenarios keep occurring in a space.
  • Healing of Soul, Body and Mind

    This process operates based on the principle that all matter vibrates and has a specific frequency. Behind all matter is an energetic component. I will be the means to heal the energetic blockage underlying physical manifestations of disharmony, in a process called Spiritual Healing. When we understand that all is energy and our highest expanded existence is influenced by our partnership with the quantum field, we will see that the curation of energetic harmony within the body and electromagnetic field enhances one’s quality of life in a transparent and palpable way.

    When humans have blockages in their energy field, a myriad of physical, emotional and psychological issues can occur as an on-going problem. Spiritual Healing uses the dynamic world of fluid interacting life energy fields around and through all things to achieve balance.

    This process creates an alignment between the physical and non-physical elements of the body.

    Spiritual Healing opens, cleanses and balances major energy centres in our bodies’ electromagnetic field, called the chakras. The results and benefits are amazing.

    Thanks to my internalization in Mysticism and Spirituality, I can be the channel able to heal through the flow from the energy field while the client is relaxing on the folding bed, which increases the potency of the collective vibrational therapies, offering an incredibly powerful session.

    To undertake a profound and complete session I offer consultation before it and mentorship for energetic self-care moving forward.

    We take showers every day to clean our physical bodies and yet people will often go a lifetime without cleaning their energy.


    • Feeling lighter
    • Healthier eating patterns
    • The sense of feeling alive
    • Clarity of thought
    • The release of deep seeded emotional blocks
    • Elevated levels of energy
    • Decreased depression & anxiety
    • Spiritual transformation
    • The ability to more profoundly intuit one’s path and purpose in life
    • Physical harmony
    • A state of flow
    • Decrease of paranoia
    • Stress clearance
  • Workshop

    Provides an introduction to the world of image and styling.

    The client will learn how to assess him/herself, as being taught how to create outfits that will enhance their body shape and improve their confidence.

    The workshop includes:

    • Self-image
    • Self-esteem – Impression – Personality
    • Body Image
    • Wardrobe

    For anyone who wishes to learn more about how to improve their own sense of personal style.

    For anyone interested in exploring their inner side to bring out all their potential and being able to shine and look beautiful.

  • Visual Merchandiser

    Accountable for high-quality Visual Merchandising execution: responsible for mannequin looks, styling and execution of creative displays in windows and interiors, to provide a consistent customer experience to clients’ stores.

    Create visually inspiring in-store and window displays in line with brand identity and company guidelines and standards.

    Ensure that proper seasonal trends, merchandising, styling techniques and promotional activities are well represented.


  • e-commerce
  • magazine/editorial
  • personal shopping/image consulting
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